A Christmas Carol

Wednesday 29th November 2023 – Saturday 2nd December 2023

Directed By: Anthony Alldread

A ​festive tale of redemption and compassion. The much loved Charles Dickens ​classic, ​A ​Christmas Carol follows the story of ​Ebenezer Scrooge, an old man who transforms his miserly ​ways after four ghostly visits ​one Christmas Eve.


Scrooge: John Tyas

Bob Cratchet: Jaime Smith

Tiny Tim: Fran Green, Harry McLaughin

Mrs Cratchet: Indya Fyfe

Martha Cratchet: Rosanna Sunney

Peter Cratchet: Beth Anesi

Belinda Cratchet: Alex Dobbins

Fred: Richard Epton

Fred’s Wife: Claire Buckley

Topper: Marina Barnes

Topper’s Girl: Grace Peachornby

Charity Worker: Janet Beavis

Watchman: Abby Dixon

Jacob Marley: Andrea Haw

Ghost of Christmas Past: Mo Beavis

Ghost of Christmas Present: Abby Dixon

Ghost of Christmas Future: Steve Penniston

Boy Ebenezer: Faith Smith

Fezziwig: Isaac Wilkinson

Young Man Ebenezer: Jim Green

Belle: Rachel Smith

Belle’s Husband: Anthony Alldread

City Business Man: Richard Epton

City Business Lady: Alex Dobbins

Woman: Marina Barnes

Woman’s Daughter: Grace Peachornby

Old Joe: Rachel Smith

Chairwomen: Mo Beavis

Laundress: Claire Buckley

Undertaker: Andrea Haw

Girl (Who gets the goose): Faith Smith

Production Team

Director: Anthony Alldread

Producer: Emma Houghton

Prompt: Linda Spencer

Props: Dave Epton, Karin Stacey

Costumes: Elaine Smith, Abby Dixon, Lois Penniston

Set Designer: Lois Penniston

Stage Construction: Lois Penniston, John Tyas

Set Painters: Lois Penniston, Anthony Alldread, Isabella Anesi, Beth Anesi, Elenna Colley, Harry McLaughin, Steve Penniston

Sound and Lighting: James Lamb

Stage Co-Managers: David Williamson, Helen Tyas

Stage Crew: Karin Stacey, Richard Epton, Alex Epton, Steve Penniston, Lois Penniston, Dario Anesi, Emma Houghton

Curtains: Helen Tyas, Alex Epton

Make-up Artists: Nina Ball, Kat Hickey

Graphic Designer: Helen Tyas

Publicity & Marketing: Dylan Ward

Photography: Dylan Ward

Ticket Sales: Dylan Ward, Mo Beavis

Front of House & Refreshments: Dylan Ward, Elaine Smith, Kathryn Stacey, Regaynor Johal, Emma Houghton, Matt Strong, Samantha Richardson