Jack And Jill

A Pantomime

By Norman Robbins

Wednesday 30th November 2022 – Saturday 3rd December 2022

Directed By: Claire Buckley

When mischievous twins Jack and Jill go to visit their uncle in Arcadia they are hoping to have fun and maybe make a little trouble… but they are faced with BIG trouble when baddie Demon Discontent tries to steal all the happiness in the world!


(In order of appearance)

Demon Discontent: Emma Houghton

Rainbow Fairy: Abby Dixon

Peter Pumpkin-eater: Kathryn Stacey

Marjory Daw: Rachel Smith

Dame Dobb: Janet Beavis

Baron Bumble: Richard Epton

Jack: Megan Hallam

Jill: Serena Linley

Tommy Tittlemouse: Anthony Alldread

Fetch: Helen Tyas

Carry: Andrew Dowlman

Tonio: Grace Peachornby

Demelzia: Lois Penniston/ Alex Dobbins

Antiquita: Gracie Dowlman

Chorus: Alex Dobbins, Gracie Dowlman, Abbey Farmer, Indya Fyfe, Caitlin O’Connor, Grace Peachornby, Lois Penniston, Steve Penniston

Production Team

Director: Claire Buckley

Co-producers: Karin Stacey, Matt Strong

Musical Director: Alex Dobbins

Music Production: Alex Dobbins, Peter Newton

Choregraphy: Rachel Smith

Prompt: Linda Spencer

Stage Manager: Dave Williamson

Stage Crew: David Buckley, Steve Penniston

Costumes Manager: Elaine Smith

Costume Seamstresses: Alex Epton, Lois Penniston, Elaine Smith

Set Designer: Kathryn Stacey

Set Construction: Steve Penniston

Set Painting: Members of The Dales Music & Drama Group

Sound: James Lamb

Lighting: Arran Bilsbrough

Make-up Artists: Nina Ball, Kat Hickley

Graphic Designer: Helen Tyas

Publicity & Marketing: Emma Houghton

Photography: Wayne Strong

Ticket Sales: Mo Beavis, Dylan Ward

Front of House: Matt Strong, Dylan Ward

Refreshments: Mo Beavis, Andrea Haw